Nude random adult cam chat - Php script for retrieving inserting updating and deleting mysql table

The return value may at first appear worrisome, as only 5 rows in the table were actually modified, but actually provides more information, because you can determine the quantities of each query type performed from the return value. id=2709 Fusion des fiches / How to make a file fusion and save it in a new table?

Le code suivant permet de créer une nouvelle table appelée "fusion" avec les champs partition en, classe, segment, F tot, F loc et indice specif.

This is just a basic starting point for projects that require view/edit/delete functionality.

To obtain a new instance of the JDatabase Query class we use the JDatabase Driver get Query method: takes an optional argument, $new, which can be true or false (the default being false).

To query our data source we can call a number of JDatabase Query methods; these methods encapsulate the data source's query language (in most cases SQL), hiding query-specific syntax from the developer and increasing the portability of the developer's source code.

It's available in the Killer Sites University ( subscription required) under PHP PHP CRUD Videos.---(Anyone with PHP knowledge is welcome to comment on the code.

If there are issues I haven't noticed, please let me know.

download the script by clicking following link and try it in your projects.

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