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The openly gay, proudly overweight Ditto carries herself with an intimidating clarity that goes far beyond mere confidence.

How many of us, body types and sexualities notwithstanding, would have the wherewithal to pose nude on the cover of one popular magazine, let alone two?

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Fernandez, most well-known for photographing Martin Luther King Jr.

When it violates of accepted norms of social acceptability? I’m shocked people are buying that bulls---.”If the subject matter is shocking, Peaches — who performs at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on Friday, Oct.

Really.)Peaches’s opening salvo back in 2000 was her song “F--- the Pain Away” — sex as salve.

On her new album, “Rub,” and in some of the videos accompanying it, Peaches is as hardcore as she’s ever been.

Every one of them may have followed The King, but he could never match their swagger.

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