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Of those, only 50% (85 or so) are possible[1], and of those 50%, probably no more than 60% or 70% (50 or 60) are available at any given time[2]. But let’s say you’re highly social, and you know 45-55 of those potential 50 – 60.

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"Through the skirmish when we were looking around I heard out of my ear someone say Thailand," says Glen.

"I tapped this person on the shoulder…and it was Janice." For Glen, if it wasn't love at first sight, then let's just say he was really interested.

"And I thought, that's not going to be me." Janice joined the Peace Corps to work on environmental projects abroad. Then at her orientation in Washington, DC, Janice was handed a slip of paper with the name of a random country. The instructions: find the volunteer with the corresponding capital of that country and introduce them to the group.

She helped to develop the first recycling program in our town of Ramnicu Valcea. Someone named Glen Harrison had that corresponding capital city.

There is something very special about dating someone who has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer.

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