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But a huge shock was revealed seconds before the final showdown of the last episode: Host T. Lavin announced that just one person in the duo, an ultimate champion, would decide whether to share the 5,000 winnings with their season-long partner — or claim the full sum for themselves.Prior to the final challenge, Devenanzio and Patterson swore up and down that they’d split the winnings if they triumphed.The losing team then selects one of its own males to go against the person picked by the winners.

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The competition consists of a series of team challenges (sometimes called "missions") with an elimination challenge, known as the "Gauntlet", following each of the team challenges except the final.

Each team challenge puts the team of Veterans against the team of Rookies.

Here are the 30 hottest broads to ever compete on the challenges. On shows stacked with heavy drinking and bed hopping, adorable Sarah had a tough time finding her groove.

Crazy Ranking (out of 10): 2Sarah had some typical girl breakdowns, but she abandoned these shows years ago, proving her insanity was temporary. Crazy Ranking (out of 10): 6Ayiiia isn't psychotic crazy like a lot of the girls, but she's definitely got plenty of personal issues that she's battled.

Best known for: Mostly being one of the boys and trying to avoid unnecessary lady drama.

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