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This put a shortcut right on our Desktop that we can in turn rename and even change the icon for.

I personally move it into the C:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs folder so that way it is available to all user accounts via the Start Mene.

Search for networks with your wireless device, select the Belkin network and connect. Locate the reset button on the back of your Belkin router if you cannot log in to the dashboard at all. This will reset your admin and Wi-Fi password and all router settings, so you will have to log in to the dashboard and customize settings to your needs.

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If asked for administration permissions, click on Finally, we can now launch the Remote Play by using the patched exe file we copied: rmp_.

This will launch the Remote Play software and in turn the initial pairing wizard.

This recipe is for the Playstation3 / PS3 users out there that want to utilize the Remote Play features on their PS3.

Normally, Sony allows Vaio branded laptops the ability to connect to the PS3 via Remote Play.

I pushed the reset button, went through the set up wizard again and entered the new router password.

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