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”I couldn’t wait, because I thought what he was doing was something that was missing on television. Or, like, I met a girl outside of a cafe and I thought she was someone else, and I was like, “Are you …? It can be read as like she’s someone who desperately needs to have a drink or not. Acting is a really strange thing to do, it’s very strange. And that’s because it’s a formatted genre, mostly procedural, but comedies have a format to them too. And a couple of days later we hung out and then he went into his cage and came out with these episodes. It’s interesting, because I think in a way she’s a therapist for him. She’s the one that’s changing him, waking him up to something, getting him out of his head and seeing something. People have more dimensions to them than we give them credit for. Oh, that’s interesting because that scene played to me totally like the bartender really knew her and was cutting her off from the previous night, not like she was mistaken for someone else. But what Louie does is give breadth to characters that he feels are real and funny and sad.

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In 1998, Ephron remembered Posey when it came time to cast her next Hanks-Ryan pairing, .

In her first substantial mainstream film role, Posey brought her sometimes abrasive screen personality to the character of Hanks's narcissistic book editor girlfriend.

She returned to Sundance that same year with , the final installment in the wildly successful teen horror-comedy trilogy directed by Wes Craven.

Last week on “Louie,” Louie met a fetching, adorable bookkeeper, played by Parker Posey, and asked her out on date.

From then on I wrote for females." , in theaters Friday, July 15, Kristen Stewart plays the likeable and sweet Vonnie, a Hollywood agent's secretary caught between two men: her boss Phil (Steve Carell) and Bobby, the man who loves her (Jesse Eisenberg, who does a charming job of bringing to life the "Woody persona" onscreen).

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