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I got this game a while ago and I want to play it again.I start it up and its saying I must log in and download a patch, I didn't want the patch but I downloaded it anyway.

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The publishers have stringently protected this game series via CD key verification as well as usable media verification system in order to ensure that ONLY legitimate owners can get access to the purchased retail CD/DVD.

However, the publishers simply left out of consideration the legitimate owners of retail CD/DVD who wanted to backup their game in image formats (. FLT, etc.) or who, in severe circumstances, lost the source media of game (CD/DVD), they won't ever be able to successfully install/run their game again for which they have really dearly paid.

When I installed Co H: OF it uninstalled the original and when I run Co H: OF with the original disc in the drive, it doesn't prompt me for the key.

I login in...won't connect me to any online servers. Co H: OF has another 2 factions: Brits & PE Co H meet Co H: OF after apply the v2.100 patch (a 1.2GB patch).

Therefore, not to mention, the standalone expansion packs of this game series will already contain this effect whether or not one tries to avoid patch upgrade to them.

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