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Once the results are out, they are sent to the user as well as Xoxy.

To become a certified Xoxy member, a user has to pass both tests – the background check as well as the STD test. Worry not, for they will not be put up on the app’s searchable database, and no one would even know that you attempted and failed to become a Xoxy member. Of course, being diagnosed with an STD is no picnic, but you get the point.

A 1987 batch Ohio University alumna Jo Lynn Clemens has created a dating tool called Xoxy, an app that aims to eliminate deceitful dating by having a ready database of people free of STDs, free of felony offenses and sexual offense charges in all 50 states.

Speaking about why she felt the need for a dating tool such as Xoxy, Clemens said, “The fact is that casual dating apps like Tinder and others have led to an increase in the transmission of STDs nationwide.

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