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The last time I flew, the skinny woman sitting next to me got really annoyed after I elbowed her for the 10th time, and she asked me if I could please move over a little in my seat. I have just as much right to fly as skinny people, and if I end up crowding them in their seat, I guess that's too bad for them; maybe next time they should try taking a Greyhound. It's 'cause he's got all that time to think now that he doesn't have to work while at work.

So, smart people of Ask Me, what are some clever things I can say to the skinny person sitting next to me that will make them shut up and mind their own business? Mine: After a long and complicated battle, my partner and I (we're lesbians) finally have the opportunity to adopt.

question that would generate a lot of controversy, a flamewar, or just incredulity, what would you post? Post: I'm researching internet group dynamics for my Ph D in Sociology.

While most bosses would frown on playing Halo at the office, it’s video games that are driving much of the innovation in video, virtual reality, and collaboration technologies today—something that has important implications for how we work, especially with far-flung colleagues. I'll stand up for you to my folks if they give you any of that, and tell them to stop.

Dear guys: it's not really helpful to women, to say "Pff! " because as a guy, you've most likely never been made to feel defective, callous, like a bad child and heartless for failing to do this stuff. I won't expect you to manage my relationships with my family; that's on me.

Therefore Doctor Love himself designed this great machine for you.

With The Love Calculator you can calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two people.

However, what I think you're still missing is that A) Having a miscarriage and not being in communication in the two days after that is not behaviour that can fairly be characterized as "unstable." If those are the best examples you can come up with of her unreliability, she has not been unreliable lately.

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