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Gamification: We use badges, points, a leader board, and other features to encourage high-quality brainstorming and two-way communication throughout your contest. Funny though, I don't think we will use the winners exact name but it will be very close. Feel free to use my quote (or a cleaned up version) anywhere.Squad Help is easy to launch, easy to use, and the value provided is well worth the money.

Important: VCARD information embedded directly into a QR Code will often result in a QR Code image that is too dense for many mobile phones to read.

To work around this, we recommend you choose the “Dynamic” option.

You'll also need to remember the date you used the website on your bibliography.

Our band name generator will give you plenty of ideas for all kinds of names in any genre.

This will simply embed a website link in the QR Code, rather than all of the contact details themselves, and when someone scans the QR code, they will be taken to a landing page that will display summary contact details and prompt the user to download the contact details into the Contacts on their phone (or, in the case of some older i Phones, to receive the VCARD file by email.) Note: i Phone users will need to have the Four Square app installed on their device for this QR code to work properly.

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