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The issues covered included "search engine optimisation" - making your site appear high up on search results - as well as online traffic generation and advice on "affiliate marketing". "It was hard to filter the rubbish to find the odd nugget and it was not easy to follow in a clear fashion, which led to more confusion.You then seek other products for more clarity." After spending a few thousand pounds, Mr Daniel cancelled his subscriptions. "The whole system is designed to grab people's money." It's often unclear what expertise many internet marketing gurus possess.

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Ian Daniel, a businessman from Wigan, signed up for a range of home-study internet marketing courses to boost his fledgling e-commerce business.

"The information came thick and fast," Mr Daniel said.

Anyone can start an online business that earns "six figures" according to internet marketing guru Kavit Haria.

Just one website can pull in thousands of pounds every month, claims another, Sarah Staar.

It's possible to live your life on your own terms, secure in the knowledge that your income from internet marketing will more than fund it, promises another internet marketer, Rob Cornish.

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