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Battle against other players, alone or in strategic groups of up to 49 players, and take part in daily conquest wars.

Winners gain access to new villages, new missions and special merchants. See Videos Free, with option to pay for additional features. 3D fantasy oriental RPG with focus on realistic martial arts.

*~*~*~Update 2~*~*~* I did the math and only 0.4% of people who play this actually vote. (A few bugs and a few questions) To make this short, I'll make this into a list Days for completion: 6 (7 if you count today) - 4 days for the flash 1 day rendering the images and 2 days looking for the right images and background. I liked the fact how you could walk around and talk to girls that give you hentai each time you answer a question correctly Length: The game is quite short because I wanted to see if you guys liked it.

Go here to play it (Remove any spacing) If you are looking for the answers to the game, go here: .com/news/post/69139 (remove any spacing) Check my website and profile for news on Part 2 ------------------------- ------------------------- Don't fap till the end! Sorry for deleting this yesterday as soon as it passed I just had to fix some stuff.

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