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darkbooton, I did not purchase this laptop from a vendor, I bought this from a guy selling it because the hard drive failed and he just wanted to get rid of it, so I dont think acer is going to work with me on this one because I am not the original buyer.

I'm trying to add 2 or multiple webcam input with from jhuckaby. And i'm following this tutorial's my javascript code: Webcam.set(); // CAMERA 1 Webcam.attach('#my_camera'); function preview_snapshot() function cancel_preview() function save_photo() // Camera 1 END // CAMERA 2 Webcam.attach('#my_camera_ktp'); function preview_snapshot_ktp() function cancel_preview_ktp() function save_photo_ktp() The problem is if i use camera 1, camera 2 does'nt work, if i use camera 2 then camera 1 does'nt work.

Depending on the time of day—and if the temple has a microphone installed for Internet broadcast—you can also hear live audio.

If you live near (or far from) a temple that you wish had a webcam but doesn’t, find out how to have one installed.

Our webcams are maintained and supported by donations from people who enjoy being able to visit their favorite temple from home.

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