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Instead it announces a renewed focus on cutting energy costs, and a big boost for increasingly low-cost wind power; while both Labour and Libdems offer only weak, highly qualified support for new nuclear build.And so the great British 'nuclear renaissance' reaches its timely end.

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The UK government claim that fracking is a 'clean' energy source rests on the conclusions of a single scientific paper, writes Paul Mobbs.

And now that paper has been conclusively invalidated: it uses misleading figures that understate the methane emissions from fracking, and subsequent findings have left it totally discredited.

Sites like this narrow the search by introducing single men and women who have much in common to each other.

By providing services in this way members can be sure they already have something to chat about online before going out with anyone on a date.

Our databases contains tens of thousands of green friends who have chosen 'green issues' as one of their main interests in life.

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