On lin dating

Lin’s month of remarkable basketball four years ago, combined with the fact that he is the most successful Asian-American player in history, created a phenomenon — Lin holds a trademark on the term “Maybe in the sequel,” Lopez says.

“I’ll be the bad guy.” Lin and Lopez are at the Nets’ new practice court in Industry City, which has a sprawling eighth-floor view that takes in the rising towers around Barclays Center and reaches almost to the Empire State Building, just down the street from the Garden, where Lin first became a superhero.

If you’re hazy on Linsanity’s details — it happened way back when the Nets still played in New Jersey — here’s a refresher.

Lin, the son of Taiwanese immigrants and a star at Harvard, went unselected in the 2010 NBA draft.

For all of these reasons and more, the 27-year-old Harvard graduate remains a persistent curiosity as he wraps up his first season in Charlotte.

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