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But it now appears that she may have exited the entertainment world prematurely because she was trying to hide her diagnosis of Lyme disease and the enervating symptoms of that condition. But what is Lyme disease, and how does it affect the body?As the That tiny creature attaches itself to the body.In a Venn diagram of the Olsen twins and French people, there is but one intersection: cigarettes. Were the cigarettes boxed, or merely thrown pseudo-casually into the bowls together, butts akimbo, menthols intermingling with cloves, American Spirits sidling up to Camels, Parliaments soiling Virginia Slims?

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After it has clung there for 36 to 48 hours, the tick has given the disease to its human recipient.

After someone does get infected, 80 percent notice a rash.

Her boyfriend Richard Sachs, who happens to be 28 years her senior, looked the image of joy as the pair of them enjoyed the Caribbean climate.

The Olson twin had let her blonde hair fly free and had popped on a pair of green aviator sunglasses, as well as a long, elaborate pendant.

Her flowing off-white top featured slits up each side and a plummeting V-neck wide enough to nearly slide off the shoulder.

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