Older celebrity men dating younger women Sex cameras with no sign ups

The analysis also showed that the average age gap was greater after the actors turned thirty-five.

There is a link to the data in the article, so being a psychologist, of course I ran a -test on it.

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The age difference after the men reach thirty-five years of age (an average of nine years) is indeed significantly greater than the age difference before they reach thirty-five years of age (an average of one year).

So not only are men typically older than their on-screen lovers, as they get older, they are paired with increasingly younger women.

These days (swipe left) Joan is just as much the ultimate leading lady as she was decades ago Going strong: Of course, just because there's a gap doesn't mean it can't last.

Geena Davis, 60 (swipe left) might have 16 years on her husband, Dr.

Reza Jarrahy, 44, but their marriage has lasted 15 years, just a few months shy of their age gap.

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