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Kale-and-Cilantro Naan is made very much like my other naans, just had kale handy and wanted to use it up.

Fusion cuisine being my personal slant, for a bright color and rich flavor, I like to marinate the chicken pieces in Patak's™ Tandoori Masala Paste, then cook it in a combination of typical Mexican and Indian spices.

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At a quarter of eight in the morning, other cities might have been buzzing.

At the end of March, Punta Arenas—the capital of Chile’s southernmost region—was still dark, and although teenagers in uniforms were heading to school, the city was quiet.

Pieces of bread with a sauce resembling tomato paste appeared on the counter in front of the man to my right. At Kiosko Roca, the choripán is larger than an English muffin, but slightly smaller than an average bagel.

Brazilians, Uruguayans, Argentines, and Chileans are all partial to this sandwich, but it usually comes with a whole chorizo.

Some people occupied seats at the counter and others stood in the center of the room waiting for a seat to be vacated, or were content to eat standing up.

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