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From three basic types of strategic, planning, and learning exercises: games, simulations, and case studies, a number of hybrids may be considered, including simulation games that are used as case studies.

Strategy games sometimes incorporate CMS aspects into their game economy, as players must manage resources while expanding their project.

The Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 (numbering plan) sets out the rules for portability. Mobile number portability is the ability to take your existing mobile number to a new service with a new provider. If you are not satisfied with your existing provider, you don't have to stay just to keep your number. You can still change to a different provider and get a new number. How do I assess whether I should take advantage of mobile number portability?

The numbering plan states that providers must: Mobile number portability covers all mobile service numbers except for satellite-only mobile services. If you are in business, keeping your number when changing phone companies means you will avoid missing calls, reprinting stationery and having any signage redone. Mobile number portability is only relevant if you see a benefit in changing providers.

to change to a nano SIM) you can transfer your number and existing credits and goodybag by performing a SIM Swap.

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