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But when it comes to fighting with your significant other, the rules and fights are completely different.It’s arguments that end in being closer than ever, rather than in separate rooms.If you were to ever ask your friend if break up sex is a good idea, chances are, they’ll jump down your throat and tell you that you’re mad for even thinking it! Do all couples just break up in the heat of the moment and walk away from each other, never ever wishing they could have shared a moment of intimacy one last time, for old time’s sake?

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And there’s no shame in that because, according to Seth Meyers in Psychology Today, make-up sex has the same type of effect on the brain as a line of cocaine. A momentary bliss, it brings you up from the low of an argument to a type of ecstasy that can only come from an orgasm.

Much like a drug addict, couples yearn for that momentary high that comes from escaping that tense and electrically-charged fight.

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"The only thing that I know about make-up sex is that it works pretty well." A married woman "I am an expert in make-up sex and have done it so many times." A married woman "I feel more love during make-up sex because I know that no matter what happened, our love has survived it." A married woman "I've never had make-up sex in my whole life, despite a lot of fighting." A divorcee "Breakup sex is AMAZING!

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