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There are always events and attractions to be seen in Times Square, in the heart of the City that never sleeps.Vistors to Times Square can find all sorts of fun, exciting and informative tours to explore other parts of the city.

I love using beef tenderloin tip sliced thinly for the best texture and flavor.

Instead of the classic sour cream, I use white wine and milk in this recipe for a creamier and more aromatic sauce!

THE SHIKSA SYNDROME paints a comical yet disarmingly accurate picture of the Reform singles scene in New York, describing to a T the Jewish singles events, dates to "kosher style" restaurants and Jewish men's perceptions of non-Jewish women.

Sprinklings of Yiddish vocabulary throughout the book and cute chapter titles such as "Boy Vey" and "The Accidental Tsuris," along with equally cute dialogue engage the reader till the last page, and the plot, though somewhat far-fetched at certain points, is certainly entertaining.

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