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A visit to this quaint seaside town without stopping at this chippie shop is like going to the Louvre and bypassing the Mona Lisa.

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Posting a picture of the fish on Facebook, the museum said the "weird creature" is likely to be a species of frogfish, but its true identity will not be known until examinations have finished.

Frogfish are found all over the world, but a number of different species exist.

It would make sense if the unusual animal was a frogfish, as the species are known for their leg-like fins which they use to crawl around on the ocean floor, preferring this method of movement to swimming.

The NZIDE has been established for more than 46 years, as a non-profit National Organisation dedicated to raising and maintaining the professional standing of Driving Instructors in New Zealand.

He's previously denied that he slept with someone in New Zealand, while they were separated.

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