Nc separation laws dating

If you are experiencing serious problems in your marriage, you may be considering legal separation from your spouse.

If that’s the case, you’ll require experienced legal counsel to help you protect your rights and assets throughout every step of the legal process.

Beginning a new relationship before your divorce is finalized has emotional, strategic and legal consequences. My suggested answer – my advice to you – would be: don't do it!

While I believe you should deeply consider the emotional aspect of entering into a new relationship before you are legally divorced -- the emotional effect on you, your children, other family members, and even your spouse -- I won't address that in this forum. Realistically, many people are in relationships at the time of the final divorce decree.

But, you might also be wondering, how soon can I move on?

And, while it may seem strange or uncomfortable to ask this question, it is certainly a question you should be asking because what you do during the period of separation can have serious, irreversible consequences.

If you live in separate houses but maintain the appearance of a relationship, this will not satisfy the requirement either.

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