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Hindi naman iyan ang talagang batayan na good looking ka.Hindi iyan ang magbibigay ng real statement sa iyo.

So I think to call them vicious is very unfair unless indeed we’re all vicious which maybe we are. I think it’s as simple as him passing time and it’s very clear that this woman is on his mind.

He dips into what he knows about which is her name and her haunts and her interests. When you do the original production, when you’re doing a play like that, it’s very hard to know how it’s going to go down on the audience.

Unfortunately for Jude Law, the recently-released Alfie film - another Caine remake - was also slammed and came in at number six in the poll.

The Anne Heche-starring 1998 version of the Psycho horror film followed Get Carter at two and this year's flop Thunderbirds entered at three.

You rehearse the play and it was Patrick’s second play and we didn’t really know what we had until you put it out there in front of an audience.

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