My demonoid ratio not updating

All private torrent trackers require account registration which mostly needs an hard-to-get invitation to join the system, even if you are lucky enough to get an membership you are required to maintain a minimum upload-to-download ratio also known as share ratio which is usually 1:1 meaning that if you download a 100 MB file from the tracker you must upload 100 MB to maintain the ratio, this give and take restriction let all users enjoy better availability and speed for their downloads preventing users from leeching, if you are unable to meet the minimum share ratio you risk loosing your account, there could be many reasons for having a bad ratio unintentionally like bad upload speed support by ISP or block by security software/ISP, if you are stuck in such a situation today I am sharing simple to use fully automatic utilities to spoof your upload/download rates and manipulate the torrent share ratio. Change the settings in the Options group to your liking: upload speed, download speed (set to 0 to spoof upload only), finished (how much of the file do you want to appear that you have - set to 100% if you want to appear as a seeder) 4. Press the Start button and watch the bytes start rolling. After a while, when you decide you've spoofed enough, press the Stop button to announce to the tracker that you're ending your session.

There exist quite a few utilities to spoof your torrent ratio but I will be sharing the best two, all the torrent ratio-spoof applications or hacks works on similar pattern, these applications connect to the tracker behaving like a normal Bit Torrent client but instead of actually downloading or uploading any data it fakes the reporting protocol updating tracker with fake data to artificially increase user's overall ratio. Choose 'Client Simulation' in Advanced Tab to be the same type as your regular torrent client. Optionally, look through the Advanced and Network tabs and see if you need anything changed there, like using a specific port or announcing through a proxy server. Greedy Torrent is yet another utility to make the hack work, Greedy Torrent acts like a proxy between your Bit Torrent client and tracker, modifying the reported upload ratio according to your preferences.

Even if you're plugged directly into a backbone router, you won't be able to seed anough to get to a 1.0 ratio on these torrents.

Either stop having heavily seeded torrents count against ratio, or make the ratios more generous.

If the trackers are all unresponsive, be sure to use the DHT network to connect to peers [Right-click on the torrent – click the checkbox Enable DHT network].

If your Internet connection is configured to redial if the line is dropped (meaning if your Internet connection disconnects, it will automatically re-dial by itself), and if your Internet does indeed disconnect, and redial by itself, Bit Comet may be unable to connect to these trackers.

By the time I published the article for Green Cine Daily, I’d been writing about the resurgence in Southern California drive-ins at my own blog for about three years, ever since I and several like-minded fanatics founded the Southern California Drive-in Movie Society during the summer of 2005.

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