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Not only did I see a huge variety in how Excel is being used, you also pointed out various tips and tricks for writing fast VBA code in Excel.

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But if it's 20,000 tasks and 50 checks and the macro takes two minutes, stop trying to improve it--that's great performance. Start) in several different comparisons in your code then set the property into a local variable once and then perform your comparisons on the local variable.

Bottom line: it is impossible to tell if there is room for improvement without seeing your code. For example: Slow code: object model are expensive.

Note that in the code sample below we grab the current state of these properties, turn them off, and then restore them at the end of code execution. Display Page Breaks = False ‘note this is a sheet-level setting ‘: This setting tells Excel to not redraw the screen while False.

One reason this helps is that if you’re updating (via VBA) several different ranges with new values, or copy / pasting from several ranges to create a consolidated table of data, you likely do not want to have Excel taking time and resources to recalculate formulas, display paste progress, or even redraw the grid, especially after every single operation (even more so if your code uses loops). The benefit here is that you probably don’t need Excel using up resources trying to draw the screen since it’s changing faster than the user can perceive.

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