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We dated for a couple months, and finally I got tired of the brutal lacerations I received every time we would make out, and the omnipresent stench of rotting flesh grew a bit tiresome. When I first got to college for a very short while I dated this beautiful Japanese woman named Asami. We went back over to her place one time though and I was a bit weirded out about the complete lack of furnishings in her apartment. It soon became clear that we kind of had some personality conflicts--namely, she kept trying to drink my blood while I was asleep. I was in Vegas one Halloween, and I didn't exactly "date" her, but I spent a few rough and tumble hours with a prostitute who said that she was a Frankenhooker.Right before I broke up with her though, she lost control and totally bit me, turning me into a zombie as well, but I went do a doctor and he gave me an ointment and it went away. She was a little too skinny for me anyway, but I'm sure it's hard to put on weight when your diet consists only of blood. Which I took to mean that she was Al Franken's exclusive call girl whenever he was in town. She meant that she was an animated corpse built from various body parts.

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Some of you may even say that you've dated a real "monster" or two. It all started my senior year of high school, when I met Julie, who seemed nice enough, if a bit pale and hungry all the time. For a few months after that, I dated this pale gothy chick with insanely arched eyebrows, which made me think that she must be evil, because I've read a lot of comic books, so I know how this shit goes. I decided give things a chance, especially since an acquaintance of mine told me that with that little mouth within their mouth they're practically built for fellatio, if you can ensure that they're not going to use their teeth, but that seemed a tad risky to me.

She got these strange piercings, like glass shards and random bits of metal sticking out of her face and arms, and at first I was like "oh my god, that is so punk rock! Turns out that the only way she could refrain from devouring my flesh (and not in a way) was to cause herself tremendous pain to drive away the hunger. Turns out she wasn't evil at all, she was just a vampire. We sat around and watched horror movies a lot, but eventually her habit of "introducing" them for the audience of only me got to be a little annoying. To be honest, I couldn't even tell if my date was male or female, and the conversation on its end consisted mostly of hissing, broken only by a brief interlude of declaring its undying adoration for Justin Bieber before drooling acid all over the table, so I decided to end it there and snuck out of the restaurant while "going to the bathroom".

Dress Frankie Stein for a date with fellow Monster High student Jackson Jekyll. The only thing we know for sure is that they both need to get dressed and styled for tonight!

by: Protoclown Everyone who has dated has likely had some bad experiences, dealing with someone who is overly needy or perhaps a dangerously psychopathic lunatic. Yes, that's right, I've dated quite the array of movie monsters over the years. She didn't want to do anything but sit there and stare at the wall though, and on our second date she asked me to swear that I would love her and only her. I don't like potatoes that much anyway, so I think it would have been difficult to plan meals together.

The oldest extant Hydra narrative appears in Hesiod's Theogony, while the oldest images of the monster are found on a pair of bronze fibulae dating to c. In both these sources, the main motifs of the Hydra myth are already present: a multi-headed serpent that is slain by Heracles and Iolaus.

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