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“Missionary dating is a phrase used in a Christian context to describe when a person of one religion dates a person with differing beliefs for the purpose of changing that person’s beliefs or religion.” “Simply put, ‘missionary dating’ is dating with the hopes of turning a promising frog into a virtual prince.

As the word implies, it can have a religious purpose in mind, though it needn’t be primarily religious.

The Single Dad Laughing mission and goals must always be achieved with fresh, new personal blog content delivered first and foremost, alongside much of the best, light-hearted, humorous, entertaining, and quality content that I find across the web.

In the midst of choosing your business location, hiring staff, establishing your product and service offering and getting your name out into the marketplace, it’s likely you’ve skipped one of the most critical branding steps that could make all that hard work more impactful now, and for years to come—writing a mission statement.

With a staff of more than 20 people, we can do the job to keep your name in front of thousands of group planners with each issue.

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