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Local horny men and women are no longer interested in traditional dating methods.

These some what conventional and boring methods are being ideas of the past as Sex Dating becomes the new movement.

Since the last Christmas Party, I'd dated four different girls, two from work, two setup by friends, and with the latest brush-off I was 0-4. I'd never had that much trouble, but my new job with its clearances and classified projects had me working under situations anything BUT conducive to romantic efforts. How many jobs are there where you can really feel you are making a difference? Hell, I was only 24; I should be out sowing my oats. The first was an absolute disaster, but his wife Janet's latest friend had seemed like she might actually work out. Just 18 and barely out of high-school, she was pretty, friendly, and we'd actually managed to go out for over 8 weeks.

My buddy Mark, who'd I'd known for years had twice now tried to hook me up.

But really, there's nothing wrong with having sex buddies.

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