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I tried Lua for the logic within my app, with luasqlite as well (enterprise solution, so no store rejections could be involved, whether they might happen or not) and i can testify that it works wonderfully.

Keep in mind that Lua has a very very low memory footprint, so you can actually run dozen of interpreteres at the same time without consuming as much as a Mb of memory (which is what I actually did...). The SDK agreement and App store guidelines have been changed (circa Sept 2010).

In the absence of a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB i Pad mini 4, that means the new i Pad is now the cheapest Apple tablet you can buy. What follows is our original i Pad Air 2 review; it's a fairly safe bet that new one is slightly better.

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You can now probably use any compiled language that will compile to the same static ARM object file format as Xcode produces and that will link to (only) the public API's within Apple's frameworks and libraries.

However, you can not use a JIT compiled language unless you pre-compile all object code before submission to Apple for review.

You should only look at Android tablets if you’re either on a budget that doesn’t fit Apple prices, or prefer Android generally.

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