Matt good dating

Naturally I was intrigued by how each profile inspired very different replies—sometimes from the same person!

Emily's adamant behavior can annoy and upset Matt and she can be manipulative and cruel to him at times.

Even though they face drama in their relationship, both appear to strongly care for one another most of the time, but they can potentially break up depending on what actions the player takes, based on Emily's angry comments about Matt, especially during the credits.

Matthew Good has enjoyed a successful musical career, in a band and as a solo artist, is a political activist and blogger, and is about to release yet another album, "Arrows of Desire" on September 24th, all while being a dedicated father and husband.

The multiple Juno Award-winning musician says his family — wife Raeleigh, son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth and step-daughter Avery — are what keeps the rocker honest these days.

However, Emily requests that Matt takes the bags the rest of the way, as she just remembered she had to talk to Sam.

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