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15): è la prima data mi va veramente di sapere che cosa ne pensate. Beh francamente lo trovo medicoceleste insieme con lo spirito santo muova la mano dei chirurghi che opererannofrancesco e gli permetta di entrare in una nuova vita.

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But if you end up doing it DONT show your face lol have fun with w.e you do though never do anything you arent comfortable with:))'1you ever masturbated using a camera ?

You sound kinda young seeing as you just started masterbating so you should wait a few years before showing your body off to guys and when you are older and are in a serious relationship try it because its definetly a turn on.

Even though he isn't a stranger, he still isn't someone you want to put that much trust into. I do it with my bf when he is away and we cam.1you ever masturbated using a camera ?

I don't recommend you doing it with some random guy.can easily take video or screen shots.

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