Masaki aiba dating

But, the truth is, in the past, there have been times, when he burns too strongly that he outshines everyone else while shooting something. Also, as compared to the other members, Sakurai has the most body touch/contact with Aiba.

Aiba Masaki a voulu entrer à la Johnny's pour faire du basket !

En effet, après avoir vu les SMAP en faire lors d'une émission TV, il s'est dit que c'était le moyen pour lui de réaliser son rêve.

Ikuta reminisced about that time, “He was really pleased. In 15 years, we have never spoken so deeply about things with one another.” And revealed that they drank together with Matsumoto.

He surprisingly has a weak spot for those.” And revealed Aiba’s weak spot for surprises. Then Ikuta stated “I left the two of them alone then I saw them embracing one another crying.

So I now have 3 to 4 shirts with tiger prints on them at home. (laughs)From the start, Aiba-chan is like “the sun”. ” In other words, it’s like a couple having a fashion shopping date!

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