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The musical score and theme song - sung in full during the action, rather than at the start of the film - are by Pablo Sorozábal.

The story, revised and modernised in both the book and film, dates back to a medieval legend, one of many gathered together in a volume by Alfonso el Sabio.

Unfortunately, in the first hand it failed, she had to struggle herself with the second one with three nurses who held her motionless and her daddy who tried to calm his child. This force it is good, but just not right in that moment. In Poland we have many doctors with passion, but they do not meet often this type of cancer. Therefore, if it is possible, we want Marcelina fell under the care of doctors with great experience and effects, and it is guaranteed by the clinic in the United States. The God put His love in Your heands, As a key to heaven.

Then Marcelina must lie still for seven hours, bedridden, and in her veins are poured first chemotherapy drugs. The light in the tunnel – Marcelina does not have to lose her eye Of all newborn babies in Poland, 20 in one year become ill with retinoblastoma – malignant cancer of eye. Only recently Polish doctors learn how to carry out more effective treatment.

He said that perhaps this eye is not yet fully developed, because she is a little child.

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