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Gay men are not exempt from conscription but are banned from engaging in homosexual activity while serving, leading to an environment in which they serve without revealing their sexual identity for fear of discrimination and reprisals.

Taehoon Lim, head of the Military Human Rights Center for Korea, speaks during an interview in Seoul, on April 21, 2017.

There were reports of “Islamic vigilantes” who searched boarding houses for gays and lesbians.

Indonesia’s Aceh province was allowed to implement Sharia law in 2014.

Public canings like the one in the photo above of a man accused of adultery have been staged ever since.

Tapi karena ini sudah terjadi, kita tidak menampik semua yang ada.

Faktanya ada, ya kita menyayangkan itu," kata Kabid Humas Polda NTB AKBP Suryo Saputro di Mataram pada .

Oknum polisi yang berdinas di Polsek Masbagik Lombok Timur itu akandikenakan pasal 368 tentang pengancaman.

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