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Have been on my own for a long time so would like to correspond with a gentleman.

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It was the third night in a row that Peter, a retired businessman and tennis coach from Kettering, Northamptonshire, had been called and ordered to hand over money. The threat was supposedly from a Malaysian customs officer in far-off Kuala Lumpur, where his girlfriend Martha was trapped due to some administrative mix-up.

Peter had already emptied his current account of £1,000 in response to earlier, desperate pleas. Heart pounding with growing panic, Peter couldn’t understand how his mundane life had been utterly transformed in just one week.

Though feeling muzzy-headed, the message he received was loud and clear.

Peter was to transfer a sum of money immediately, the stranger’s voice said, or he’d never see his girlfriend again.

People can become socially isolated for a variety of reasons, such as getting older or weaker, no longer being the hub of their family, leaving the workplace, the deaths of spouses and friends, or through disability or illness.

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