London dating scene

I’ve never been one for approaching handsome strangers on nights out, or for getting approached by them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have self-esteem issues – when I scrub up, I’d probably rate myself as a 7.5, maybe an 8 if I steer clear of carbs. The last time I attempted to chat someone up was on the last train home in 2004.

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Nor does it count when you’re on the night bus and the man in question leaves you with not only his phone number, but his partially digested Mc Donalds.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that as a singleton in London, even though you’re constantly surrounded by people, it’s incredibly difficult to meet someone nice.

Her business partner added: “It was only when Danni couldn’t work that we decided to go for it and really though it through.

“We’ve not done anything like this before so we had to enlist friends and friends of friends who knew what they were doing.” The app also offers date inspiration which allows hopeful romantics to select events across the UK to invite new partners to.

From then on the future of my love life depended entirely on the whims of the single men of London town.

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