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We've now spent several months with both these phones and understand what it's like living with them and using them day to day.We’ve also compared their specs, screens, software, apps and media skills to give you an expert and impartial assessment and help you decide whether the or Samsung Galaxy S3 is right for you. Make sure you also read our Samsung Galaxy S4 vs i Phone 5 comparison.

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The positive side of being an 'old' phone is that some great Galaxy S3 deals are available - you can get hold of one for a good deal less than you have to pay for an i Phone 5.

Shop around and you'll find the Galaxy S3 for free on contracts of £20 a month.

Each mistake may seem like it would lead to ridicule or that you'd insult the other person, but from trying this all over the world in many cultures, I've found that pretty much everywhere people will be patient with you.

And getting over the fear of making mistakes has been the most important challenge to later reaching fluency.

The QHIP effort looked at specific aspects of the brain's information processing ability including measuring task-related and unrelated thought, assessing mental workload, and finding optimal information processing.

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