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That’s where she first met Bbogie."I don't know what the connection is but I trust him with my life,” said Farnsworth.

A Belgian Malinois, Bbogie is obedient and intelligent.

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Wood was back in town to open Kerry Wood Cubs Field in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood.

The field is located near Lane Tech High School and will be used by Chicago public high school teams as well as private youth and adult sports leagues.

It's possible for people to give their dogs the virus, too.

If an infected dog coughs or sneezes on you, the virus can survive on your skin for 2 minutes and for a day or longer on your clothes. But “dogs with ‘smushed-in’ faces like pugs, French bulldogs, and Pekinese may have a tougher time dealing with the flu,” Crawford says.

Today's domestic canines maintain this instinct, so you have to do your best to watch for signs: changes to eating habits or loss of appetite, unusual night awakenings, rubbing the face against things or facial swelling.

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