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Shocking: On Friday World Wrestling Entertainment sensationally terminated its contract with Hulk Hogan after an audio tape emerged of him launching a racist tirade littered with the n-word complaining about his daughter's sex life A statement said: 'WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan).

is hotter than ever these days and so is its hunky star James Roday.

"I grew up about two hours from my grandparents and I saw that side of my family a lot more than I saw my mom's family, because they were in California.

I would say in terms of the scales, it was probably tipped 70-30 towards the Mexicans." Very cool, James!

(Augusta, 11 agosto 1953), è un wrestler e attore statunitense.

Ha raggiunto la massima popolarità fra la metà degli anni ottanta e gli anni novanta come l'eroe americano nella World Wrestling Federation (WWF) e come "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, il malvagio leader del New World Order, nella World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

As the pituitary gland secretes LH and FSH, these hormones act on the follicle in the ovary and stimulate its maturation.

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