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BACKGROUND I had decided to travel to Bangkok and devote two weeks to learning Thai with my good friend Jan van der Aa. Although two weeks is a short time, it was the time I had available for travel.I had always been curious just how much of a new language it was possible to learn in a short period.Next, I’ll answer common questions about learning Thai.

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He goes into detail about how different styles of learning affected different people in his class, what worked and what didn’t work for him, and how his brain handled the intense 40-hours per week.

Peter also talks about what methods he would recommend a newbie try out, why he thinks it will be a verrrrrrrry long time until computers become as good at translating as humans are, and the difficulties of acting in Thai when you have to use the words that someone else wrote for you, without taking any of your own creative shortcuts.

And note that these are more than sufficient for finding Thai language partners.

It’s a stunning country, with beautiful people, and world-class food.

But like most travellers to Thailand, I’d never even tried to learn to speak Thai… In August 2016, I packed my suitcase and flew to Bangkok, with one mission: to (finally) learn to speak Thai.

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