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She said : "It's very important on a board that people vote according to how they feel, that is the primary concern." Asked if Dr Boylan should have voted against it if he felt that strongly, she responded, "of course".

Dr Mahony repeated her support for the overall move and insisted the that new hospital will be "absolutely an independent entity".

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About two thirds of women report that they hear such comments every day, but men’s estimates of the frequency of such remarks is significantly lower.

All of the women I interviewed for my research reported changing their routes, behavior, transportation or dress to avoid street harassment.

One thing is clear: there are laws on the books which protect against voter intimidation.

Below you will find key information on the federal laws protecting against such behavior and where to go if you are charged with a crime against the government or any other federal crime. One commits this crime by deterring or influencing voting activity through threats to deprive voters of something they already have, such as jobs, government benefits, or, in extreme cases, their personal safety.

"I found the text intimidating, but I am really not going to read it out." Dr Boylan abstained during the vote over the decision to move the hospital.

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