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Netflix made the exciting announcement in January and is set to bring us eight episodes of the former series, with production beginning in a few months.

The reboot, however, WON' T feature the original Fab 5, who tbh, were his thoughts on the reboot."The producers actually called me before the story broke and were like, ' Hey we wanna let you know, we're redoing the show with a new dynamic cast', and I was like [disappointed noise]'.""I think they want a young new cast, which I totally get, and they always do this when reboot shows, but I'm like, ' I'm not Mickey Rooney!

Carson Kressley was the most recent eliminated “Dancing With the Stars” contestant.

Kressley dating

with his wife Jill Goodacre on Saturday afternoon (May 6) in Louisville, Kent.

The 49-year-old singer performed an under-stated version of the National Anthem at the piano before the races and you can watch the video below!

We heard Carson’s tips on how to combine professional, casual and comfortable, in order to give off the right impression to those around you.

Queer Eye is an American reality television series that premiered on the cable television network Bravo during July 2003.

“Everyone tells you that it’s a very challenging show and you’re going to lose lots of weight and be in the best shape ever, and it basically is.

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