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On Monday, Orlando even shared and adorable selfie with Katy's dog Butters which he captioned: 'A mighty heart.' Shortly after hanging out at the Golden Globes party back in February 2016 the two were spotted kissing an Adele concert in Los Angeles.

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And I had enormous boobs that I didn't know what to do with, so I wore minimizers, which were not cut.

said on 30/Mar/17 @David No worries, I don't constantly check this site or page :)) Yes, you're right, the online exaggerations make her taller than reality, and of course also her high heeled footwear, and in the end many who haven't seen Katy in real life expect her to be at least 5-8 barefoot and then are surprised she's less than that.

If a single tweet isn’t enough to convince you that Ryan Phillippe is not dating Katy Perry, perhaps a tweet in all caps will do the trick.

On Sunday, Ryan took to Twitter in an attempt to put a stop to (1) rumors that he and Katy are a thing, (2) the rumor that she was at his house, and (3) the helicopter convention above his house.

Responding to a fan who said he wished he was part of the Katy Perry dating rumor, Ryan wrote, “Don’t mind ‘people’ thinking that.

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