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Lily is a sheltered art student from Michigan attending college in California.

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For the first time out of her village, she is still used to her protected life in Michigan and frequently calls her parents.

One day she discovers a box of items belonging to Ivy, a girl she has never met before.

She feels that “It Shoulda Been You” will make a good balance for her. ‘Master Class’ is certainly a good play, but I couldn’t characterize is as ‘dear.’”“It Shoulda Been You” is billed as an “interfaith wedding that spins out of control.” The bride is Jewish; the groom is Catholic.

Daly plays the role of the bride’s mother described in a press statement as “a force of nature.” Daly puts it this way: “She has her peculiarities that make the character interesting to play.” A hint at the mayhem that ensues is the casting of the delightful comic actor Edward Hibbert as the wedding planner, and Tony winner and “Frasier” alum Harriet Harris as the mother of the groom.

PHOTOS: Justin & Jen — Big City Lovers “Justin was always ambitious, so his involvement with an established actress early in his career wasn’t a big surprise,” the insider revealed.

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