Jewish phone chat

GYE's daily chizuk e-mails are literally a life-line to thousands of strugglers.

With the Yetzer Hara attempting to attack us each day, we need a daily dose of Chizuk to stay strong.

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However you decide to connect, it’s exciting, and always different. Jewish Phone Chat gives you the choice of getting to know people better through Jewish Phone Dating.

To get started, all you do is record a personal phone message – give some information about yourself, including your interests and goals, for example – and while you’re on Phone Chat, someone will listen to your message and, if interested, will connect with you.

Even though our cities keep growing it’s also true that cities are anonymous places and entering into conversation with perfect strangers is risky.

Jewish Phone Chat is an opportunity to meet people like yourself.

Looking for other Jewish people in your city or area to chat with?

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