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V.* Em: *looks at Ashley & shakes her head* Ash: *laughs softly* Lucas: Sooo, we’re really gonna just sit here for who knows how mu... Matt: *covers Zac’s mouth* Matt holds Zac back & then leans forward to see what all the commotion is. Matt & Zac see their parents having a big argument in the kitchen. He gives her a nervous smile & a little laugh then picks up his guitar case & walks away, shaking his hea... Selena, Demi, David, Lucas, Ashley, Fred, Juliet, & Mom are all celebrating it together with a little house party. After like 10 minutes of silence,my parents got done eating, They got up and went to the sink and washed their dishes.

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It was a nice dinner and allowed Selena to feel normal.

She can trust David and she needed this time with him.

-_-Nicknames: Alex by everyone, Lexie by my maternal grandmother, and Russo by Dean: DFAMILY:-Jerry Russo (father)-Theresa Russo (mother)-Justin Russo (brother)-Max Russo (brother)-Best Friend : Harpermiddle child and only daughter, I am sly, outgoing, and sometimes rude to my family and friends. Sel: Davie, we have to stay here and support Zac Zac: *sighs* Dem: Why isn’t Amanda here? He’s heading back to his dorm room, when he hears a beautiful voice coming from one of the other practice rooms. I'm to get to sing with her team and herself, and everybody is really nice to me, Blake, Adam, and Ceelo treat me like their little sister, and I look up to them as if they were brothers I never had. My name is very long so just call me Al, and here's the problem. As I walk to my kitchen, I say hi to my sister, but she ignores me by turning up her music on her Ipod.

I'm a wizard and I live in a simple life but my two brothers has to destroy it! Emily came back from college & just on time for Zac’s party. V.* David: Hey, how bout we hit up a club and ditch this place? Mom: *snorts in disgust* A rea...۰CHAPTER 1۰ At the Performing Arts College in California: It’s evening, after classes are over; Sterling Knight walks down the quiet halls, carrying his guitar in his guitar case. *leans in to blow his candles out* Ash: Oh, wait, Zac! I'm dating David Henrie who is the best boyfriend in the world Anyways I'm super excited because I get to see my sister tomorrow because I'm guest staring on The Voice. Well he is my childhood best friend, who absolutely knows I love food. *gives him a little hug* Everything will be fine Zac: *grumbles in disapproval* Mom: How ‘bout I drive you to school today? Stumbling to my dresser, I just pick out skinny jeans, and a striped shirt.

when he wake up I go downstairs to eat our break fast and when I'm done I go in my car and start the engine and go *******school******* many people who are studying here and I think they are friendly I started to chat my classmate and they are good but I notice that there's a chair are no one seating maybe there's a late when I'm in the door I bump in hard chest I say sorry Taylor: oh sorry Boy : it's fine Taylor : you didn't hurt ? Taylor : yeah Boy : Hi my name is David and you are ?

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