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Key words fractal geometry, fractal dimension, scaling window, resolution power, neurons, brain tissue, forensic neurosciences The New Weltanschaung on Nature ‘s Complexity The Fractal Geometry of Nature [1], Benoît Mandelbrot’s masterpiece, evokes a new ‘‘Weltanschauung,’’ providing a novel epistemological approach for interpreting the natural world and a more intelligent vision of life itself.The fractal geometry, which was founded on a body of well-defined laws and coherent principles, including those derived from chaos theory, allows the recognition and quantitative description of complex shapes, images, and other figures that usually are created through unlimited iterations of a simple generator (often a mathematical motif) by means of computer-aided design (CAD).

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Bob has the situation under control, and is explaining it to his partner, Alice.

While he initially thought everything was fine and going to plan, it's only once he stops to think about it and hears himself say it aloud that he realizes how much trouble he and Alice are really in.

Whenever the movie cuts back from the metaphoric dream sequences to the guys drooling over Babydoll's dancing, those guys are Rotten, disgusting, boorish, slimy, evil monsters. Yeah, the one sitting there and gawking at girls in lilttle outfits? Yeah, that's me—the movie—getting you into the theater just to look at the girls so I could mock you to your face for doing it.""The way I see it, humans used to be a lot like Ferengi: greedy, acquisitive, interested only in profit. Humans used to be a lot worse than Ferengi: slavery, concentration camps, interstellar war.

We're a constant reminder of a part of your past you'd like to forget. We have nothing in our past that approaches that kind of barbarism.

Despite such a refined technical progress most diagnostic records sound still elusive and unreliable because of use of conventional morphometric approaches based on a unique scale of measure, inadequate for investigating irregular cellular components and structures which shape nervous and brain tissues.

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