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I want Danica to know how to feel her way through situations. I want her to understand and harness that power to guide her throughout life. Then there's always that, 'Oh gosh, if they get sick who can come cover?', or days when there's breaking news and I couldn't leave the set.

"['Bianca'] is a spontaneous, quirky show where we push the boundaries and have a lot of fun with our guests," the 39-year-old said of her hot gig.

Co-produced by Bianca’s own company – Lucky Gal Productions – the self-titled show features candid celebrity interviews and empowering segments that promote women’s ambition.

"I think it’s easy for women in general to be underestimated by colleagues and peers," she said, "but I don’t think the minute I open my mouth that anyone has any mistake about it that I’m definitely someone who has been around the block, you know?

I spent 17 years working in news rooms across the country, and I really don’t take myself too seriously.

"Bianca Uncensored" – recently shortened to "Bianca" – premiered just five months ago as an alternative to the male-dominated late-night television scene.

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