chris drama pfaff dating anyone - Is alex jones dating james martin

Alex looked glowing and sported a healthy dose of blusher and a sweep of mascara on her eyes.

If you're addicted to stilettos then you might not have even considered kitten heels as an option.

The rumors entailed dark stories of men in black and red robes and a giant 40-foot stone owl, to which something, or someone was being sacrificed.

Alex Jones, being a radio talk-show host had heard the rumors many times, so he decided to look into it and did some research.

She wore a pair of skinny jeans, in black, cropped just above the ankles.

On her feet she wore white heels and she brandished some flowers and a bag that read 'Simple steps to a better night's sleep' - rather apt for a new mother.

But allow Alex Jones to show you just how chic they can be!

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